MLM Business
Merchant Accounts

UniversalPay understands the difficulties that MLM companies face when trying to open a merchant account.

Financial institutions deem MLM Companies to be high risk businesses no matter what type of product or services are sold.

MLM Companies have received a bad reputation over the years, but that does not mean that all MLM’s are bad businesses and should not be able to accept credit cards.

Accepting credit cards is imperative for any business type especially an MLM business.

At UniversalPay all of our underwriting, risk, funding, and customer service is done in-house.

Our team encompasses of high risk experts that understand the MLM business model and can seamlessly have your MLM merchant set up and have your business accepting credit cards very quickly.

Furthermore, you will not have to live with constant fear that any moment your merchant type will be terminated or suspended solely based upon your business type.

We will listen and work with you to completely understand your MLM business and we value openness and communication for a long and prosperous relationship.

Universal Pay Solutions offers merchants a comprehensive, end-to-end payment processing solution tailored to meet your specific needs. By managing the entire payment cycle, we ensure seamless transactions and high satisfaction for our merchants.

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