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Why Choose UniversalPay?

We offer 3, ultra-transparent & low-cost to no-cost pricing models.

Traditional Credit Card Processing

We set up our merchants with the correct rate structure for their business with 100% transparency.

Zero Fee Processing

No fee payment program where you offset your cost of processing by offering a cash and a credit pricing.

Flat Rate Pricing

Eliminates any variation & rates. Presents merchants with one fixed rate for any and all credit cards.

Who Can UniversalPay help?

Keep 100% of their money We have no hidden fees so you keep your hard earned money.


Integrate with every major eCommerce platform - while saving money


Do business anywhere while keeping 100% of their profits by paying 0 fees.


Integrate with every major e-Commerce platform - while saving money.


Universal Pay Solutions offers merchants a comprehensive, end-to-end payment processing solution tailored to meet your specific needs. By managing the entire payment cycle, we ensure seamless transactions and high satisfaction for our merchants.

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