UniversalPay Has Equipment Solutions for Any Business' Needs

Your business has specific needs, whether you need to take payments on the go, or you have to integrate into another system, UniversalPay will help you find the equipment needs necessary to get paid easily at an affordable price.


Restaurant Solutions

UniversalPay knows that each restaurant has different needs to make their customers' dining experience  pleasurable. we can help you cater to what your customers need.

Smart Terminals

Pay at the table

POS Solutions

Pay at the counter

Hybrid Pay Solutions

Take orders

Service-Based Solutions

Your customers demand different things.. some want speed and others just want to be served. Let UniversalPay help you find the best solution for your patrons.

Virtual Terminals

Process payments seamlessly

Mobile Solutions

Payments on the Go

Integrated Software

Connect easily

B2B Solutions

Introducing UniversalPay, the new way to process payments for business-to-business transactions. With our Interchange Optimization, you can offer your merchants lower rates without sacrificing margins. Our secure gateway processes Level 2 and Level 3 data with auto-populate, so your merchants save time and money. Try UniversalPay today and see the difference!

Interchange Optimization

Save time and money


Create/Bill Easily

Quickbooks/Netsuite Integration

Easily connect to your accounting software

Retail Solutions

The coronavirus pandemic has upended the retail industry, forcing businesses to rapidly adapt their operations to meet the new challenges posed by the outbreak. Now, with many shoppers opting to avoid contact with surfaces and others preferring to pay online for pick-up or delivery, businesses have had to scramble to adapt.

Smart Terminals

Save time and money

POS Solutions

Create/Bill Easily

Shopping/Online Store

Easily connect to your accounting software