Your customers want to feel safe and want convenience
Keep Your Customers Safe & Provide Convenience
Advantages of Contactless Payment processing

Convenient and Easy to use

Social distancing is really important as we go into a more open and less restrictive phase of the pandemic. Your customers will thank you and your staff and you will have less exposure to them. Also – they will be used to efficiency and organized systems when we do open up. Our machines are also super quick so you will make the most of the technology to remove traditional ‘choke’ points for payments.

Customers demanding it

The vast majority of Americans – 97% – now own a cellphone of some kind. This along with the increase of wearable smart devices, users wanting the ease of purchasing with these devices is pushing the need for merchants to provide contactless solutions. No need to carry large purses or bulky wallets.

Safer Transactions

Mobile based contactless is different as bio security required, and this is included in our packages.

No additional cost

Your fees are the same as for a normal card transaction
Disadvantages of Contactless Payment processing

Security Concerns

You have access to all worldwide currencies for all your needs.

Not enough acceptance

You have access to all worldwide currencies for all your needs.