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What Our Clients Say

We were having a hard time finding a company that could get us approved for a merchant account for our tech support business. UniversalPay was able to obtain a merchant account for us and was a lifesaver for our business!
Wanted to express how responsive UniversalPay has been in servicing our merchant accounts for We have been the travel business for over 10 years and is good to work with a company that helps us continue to grow as our volumes continue to increase every year. I would recommend universal pay if you are looking for a merchant account.
Robert Tantalo
President -
We love being able to process our customer's credit cards just by calling a toll-free number. Sometimes we need to run a credit card from the field and this makes it really easy. There's no hassle of leasing merchants equipment or using a Gateway page on the internet like we've done in the past.

Being able to check all charges online is also an important feature for our company. Will definitely continue to use your service because it's so convenient and affordable. Thanks for the great service and I wouldn't change a thing.
Cathy Smith
Reliable Towing, LLC
When we first opened Ark Animal removal and control, we shopped quite extensively for a quality credit card company. When UniversalPay talked to us, we felt we had found the right place. They were honest, straightforward, explained everything in 'layman's' terms, so we tried them out, and they were everything they claimed. We have tried others since, in an attempt to upgrade and save money, but no company compares to UniversalPay. We are here to stay.
Bobby President
Ark Animal Removal & Control LLC

Why Choose Universalpay?

Interchange Plus Pricing Plans

We offer three, ultra-transparent and low-cost to no-cost pricing models.

Interchange plus

Our 1st payment plan is interchange plus a fixed percentage rate and transaction fee.

This straightforward pricing structure enables business owners to understand what they are actually being charged for their merchant transactions.

As well, your rates will never be raised, which stabilizes your operating costs and allows you to accurately forecast business profitability.

Interchange Plus plans are superior to deceptively advertised tiered pricing models used by many payment processors, but how your business operates and how much you process in monthly credit card charges are the key ingredients that determine the best processing program.

We are experts in payment processing, and we understand that no singular pricing model, regardless of how beneficial it is, fits every type of business.

This is why we make sure every one of our merchants are set up with the correct rate structure for their particular business.

Flat Rate Pricing Plans

The 2nd pricing plan, Flat Rate Pricing, differs from the preceding because it eliminates any variation in rates and presents merchants with one fixed rate for any and all credit cards.

As well, this option has a very unique feature, whereby merchants can qualify for an extension of this plan that reduces overall credit card processing fees down to 0%.

It is recommended for retail and mobile businesses, and as with our Interchange Plus Fixed Rate pricing, this pricing structure has a month-to-month agreement with no hidden fees.

During the application process, a senior account representative will be assigned to the merchant to help them choose the best pricing plan for their type of business.

Zero Fee Credit Card Processing

The 3rd pricing plan,

Are you a merchant?

Our flexible underwriting, easy application process, flat rates and expert support helps you get set up with state-of-the-art solutions quickly so you can grow your business.

…or wANT to be a partner?

Would you like to expand your merchant processing portfolio all while receiving monthly bonuses, weekly payouts and residual commissions for the lifetime of the account?

Industries Served:

This is How Our Merchant Account Service Business Breaks Out by Market:

  • Hemp Oil 93%
  • E-Commerce 87%
  • MLM Markets 82%
  • Nutraceuticals 77%
  • Telemarketing 50%
  • Online Gaming 30%